This piece was rendered by the very talented artist Alan M. Clark for exclusive use by "Haunted Memories Changing Portraits." Normally we feature antique photographs that turn scary, but since there were no cameras around during the pirate era it did not make sense to have use a photo-based image. So I contacted Alan and he created this macabre masterpiece, adding in all kinds of clever details. We are very proud to showcase his work and it is sure to increase in value over the years.

"Stage One" shows this dastardly rogue proudly displaying his plundered gold in the tavern as he clutches a pint of ale. With one eye blind and a wicked scar across his cheek, he appears quite formidable indeed! Unfortunately for him, he must have boasted too loudly about his fortunes, for the final stage shows him as a skeleton impaled with a cutlass through his back and bullet holes in the wall behind him. The ale mug is cracked and empty and his clothes are torn and frayed, undoubtedly chewed by the rats which have taken the place of his stolen dubloons. The back wall has deteriorated with time and red-eyed cats are shown peeking through at this desolate scene. The piece is aptly titled "Tell No Tales" - a warning to those who boast of their riches.

(Note: This video clip was taken in less-than-ideal lighting conditions that washed out the colors.
I guarantee you that the colors are rich and vibrant in person).

This piece is LIMITED to 500 of the 18" x 24" version. It will make a wonderful gift
for Pirate collectors and fans of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films!

Get yours while you can, as this is sure to sell out!
(Please note: An 18" x 24" frame is NOT included! All of my portraits are sold UNFRAMED only!)

Update: As of June 2015, this piece is now SOLD OUT for direct purchase. However, we may eventually be auctioning off the few remaining ones on ebay. You may check out our ebay seller's page by clicking the link below:

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