"Although Timmy the clown puts on a good act, he isn't all that he seems.
Beneath his supposedly harmless exterior there lurks a
soulless, malevolent parasite thirsting greedily for fresh blood!

This is one sideshow you'd be wise to avoid,
for you never know when "Terrible Timmy" might turn on you!"

("Terrible Timmy" is named in honor of the great actor Tim Curry, who portrayed
the evil clown "Pennywise" in the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel "It.")

There were only 1000 of the "Terrible Timmy" 8x10s produced back in 2007. We have very few left, so they are priced accordingly.
The "Terrible Timmy" 16x20 was limited to only 300 pieces and it comes with a signed and numbered "Certificate of Authenticity."


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