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It may very well answer your questions. If not, you can send me an e-mail.

1. How Much Do These Cost?
5X7s - $9.99 shipped
8X10s - $19.99 shipped
11x14s - $49.99 shipped
16x20s - $79.99 shipped

All portraits are sold UNFRAMED only!

2. How Do You Make These?
I'm sorry but I never discuss my secrets. Suffice to say that it is an expensive, time-consuming process that is best left to those with the patience of a saint
(and the imagination of Lucifer!)

3. Do You Accept Credit Cards?
Yes, credit cards are accepted via our PayPal Guest Checkout Option. Simply use our PayPal buttons and you will have the option of paying as a PayPal member or as a Guest. Choose the Guest Option to use your credit card.

4. How Do You Ship Your Items? Will You Ship Internationally?
I usually ship out via U.S.P.S. Priority Mail. Your item will be sent insured with a tracking number which I will send you if you request it. For your convenience, shipping is already included in the prices, except for Wholesale Customers.

The portraits ship flat, well-reinforced, and in bend-proof packaging. I am willing to ship to the U.K. and Canada, and perhaps other countries, as well, but that will add extra shipping costs to your order.

5. How Long Will These Take To Arrive?
Please allow between 10-14 business days for your order to be processed, packed, and shipped. This may vary as the October holiday season draws nearer, so get your orders in early! But please note that I have often shipped out much faster than that! If you need them by a certain date, please let me know that and I'll see what I can do.

6. Do you Do Custom Portraits? Can you turn me into a monster?
I thought you were one already! (Just kidding) I've done a few custom portraits, but they are much more expensive than my characters because I can only sell them once after all that hard work! Thus, custom portraits are $500.00 each (one person in the photo only). I only do a limited number of them each year and will have to turn people away when orders become overwhelming, so if you want one write today!

You will receive one 16" x 20" of yourself transforming into whatever you creature you desire (zombie, vampire, demon, skeleton, etc). You should supply me with a clear photo of yourself, but at the same time it should not be too "flashbulb bright." Try to copy some of the moody lighting on the old "before" photos you see on here.

7. Is There a Discount for Purchasing Multiple Portraits?
No, they are already priced as low as I can go and still make a profit that is worthwhile for my materials, creativity, and efforts. 8. Will You Have More Characters in the Future?
Most definitely, but I cannot say precisely when. I have to be inspired to make good art. Although I've averaged about one per month so far this year! If I wanted to I could become a hack and make dozens of shoddy characters, but for me quality is much more important that quantity. I will create no characters until I am truly inspired, so rest assured that you are getting the best work I can do. Update: In recent years, I have needed to take a break and recharge my spooky batteries. It also doesnít help that the Chinese have stolen my artwork and made very poor counterfeit copies of some of my best characters. Talk about a disincentive to creativity!

9. What Sizes Are Available?
You can view each character's size availability on their individual pages, but sizes generally range from 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20.

10. How Do These Changes Appear?
The portraits change depending on your perspective. For example, if you stand still, they do not change at all. But when you walk past them, either left to right or right to left, you will see them transform into hideous creatures of the night or macabre apparitions! It is a truly amazing effect which must be seen in person to be truly appreciated
(or un-appreciated if you weren't expecting it!) No batteries, electricity, or special lighting is required.

11. What Made You Think of Doing This Project?
Changing portraits have been around for decades, but the software for the home user to make them has only been around for about since around 1998. The first time I saw this technology applied to scary images was when Disney sold little 4x6 versions of their Haunted Mansion portraits in 1999.

I can tell you that with the exception of the Disney cards I never saw anyone else offer anything like this before me. Everyone that saw my work was impressed and told me how unique it was, so apparently they didn't see anything like it before either.

I was inspired to create my own line of these when I saw a rather creepy-looking old portrait in an antique shop. I knew that my photo restoration skills were there, but I had never tried to create a scary person with it before. The Haunted Mansion has paintings that turn creepy, but I thought it would be interesting to have an actual photographic image turn scary. I took the portrait home and began to work with it and the result was "Granny Glick." I then made "Grandpa Esbat" and several more vampire characters before adding the skeleton bride, a zombie man, a hanged woman, and all the other creeps that now reside here.

Click here to read a little bit about my life and this project!

12. What are your credentials? Are you really qualified to do this?
I don't know if one must be "qualified" to be an artist, as everyone should be free to express themselves creatively. However, for this project I suppose it helps that I am a lifelong fan of Halloween, ghosts, witches, skeletons, vampires, etc. I was also blessed with a strong creative streak and a vivid imagination. Fortunately a lot of people are entertained by my nightmarish visions and that's why I've enjoyed such success with my work.

Iím generally not comfortable singing my own praises, but I must admit that I am very proud of this project and the positive responses it has generated. I never worked for Hollywood per se, but my work is featured in that city and is owned by several musicians and effects artists. Several of my clients are admired film and music celebrities, as well.

Ultimately I believe that my artwork should speak for itself,
for that is what will be hanging on your wall, not my credentials.

13. Do You Recommend Glass?
I do not display mine with glass, as that would obscure the image and lessen the impact of the change. If you are putting these in a maze and fear vandalism, then I would use a non-glare glass. Otherwise they should be fine without it. Just don't scratch the lens.

16. How Do You Keep Them Clean?
If the lens gets dusty and you need to clean it, I recommend spraying a small amount of Windex onto a paper towel (not onto the portrait), then gently wiping upward or downward, NOT side-to-side.

15. Any Suggestions on How to Display Them?
The spirits can be displayed in a brightly-lit room, but don't hang them where the sun beats directly upon them. Of course they prefer dark, gloomy environments the best! They look especially good by candlelight and a flashlight-only tour of your gallery will prove highly effective--especially for those who have never seen them change!

If you have read this page thoroughly and you still have questions,
you may contact me by text at 562-810-5317. I donít accept voicemails, as they fill up so darn fast and it is rather tedious to sift through all the spam I get. You can e-mail me at, as well.

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